This program enables students to practice and master discrete standards-aligned skills to help ensure they are on track. Modules progress from a very basic numeracy and early literacy focus to more advanced math computations and oral reading fluency. CBMSkills is perfect for teachers looking for a way to assess students’ grasp of specific content.

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Step 1

Take The Step

Sign up today at CBMSkills.com. Create an account to view what we have to offer at no cost.

Step 2

Refine Your Teaching

Assign specific discrete skill assessments and monitor students’ progress as they begin to master the content.

Step 3

Achieve New Levels

With focused instruction and assessments of the specific content you’re working on, student learning can accelerate throughout the year.


Our software is optimized for all screens and devices. No matter what type of computer or tablet you and your students use, we have you covered!

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Tools To Empower Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents can identify gaps in student understanding to tailor classroom instruction and meet the needs of every student.

Manage Your Class From Anywhere On Any Device

All the resources you need to encourage your students and keep them engaged, no matter where they are.

Encourage Your Students To Succeed

Gamification built in to every lesson to keep students engaged and motivated to improve.

The Take Away

Our apps are easy to use and designed by and for educators.

Getting Started

Sign up for our app and create an account.

Organizing Assessments

Select the assessment you want students to use and assign them to their group.

Making a Difference

Target your instruction to fill gaps in students’ content knowledge and skills.

Individualizing Instruction

As your students finish their work, review their scores and either promote them to the next content area or provide the targeted instruction they most need.


Feel at ease knowing that you have an efficient way to reinforce and personalize learning for your students.


Curated reports based on each student’s performance.

Specific Skills

Each measure targets one specific, discrete skill.


Watch your students’ content mastery grow throughout the year.


Students can review their work and track their improvement over time.


Specifically created to make teachers’ work easier.


Student growth is automatically graphed in real-time, fueling renewed excitement and motivation for learning.

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