BRTapps provides teachers a comprehensive suite of assessments to support student learning.

illustration of teacher teaching the results of standards based learning
illustration of a child studying through the standards based

Helping All Students

Our approach to teaching and learning is based in standards for achievement, benchmark and progress assessments, and response to intervention. In reading, writing, and mathematics, we provide teachers the right information on student learning when it is most critical and can make a difference. Our reports provide effective displays of performance and progress to help teachers individualize instruction in effective ways.

Comprehensive Learning Systems

Standards Based

Our assessments are developed with a blueprint that follows skill progressions within and across grades. These skills provide teachers a roadmap for effectively planning their instruction in a sensible and sensitive manner targeted to critical skill progressions.


Our benchmark and progress monitoring assessments provide teachers critical information on where students are performing relative to each other, as well as how they are progressing over time. The references allow teachers to organize their teaching in strategic ways.

Response to Intervention

Teachers can target their instruction effectively to focus on grade-appropriate skills for most students as well as specialized instruction for some students. This allows teachers to address individual differences and make an individual difference.

Benchmark Assessments

Seasonal grade level assessments allow teachers to identify students at risk of learning

mockup of benchmark assessments
mockup of progress monitoring statistics

Progress Monitoring

Change over time can be monitored to ensure students are learning and improving.

Reporting Outcomes

Graphic displays of both benchmark performance and progress over time effectively communicate outcomes.

mockup of reporting outcomes through brtapps software

Skill Development

The full range of skills are included in our suite of assessments, both foundational skills as well as more advanced grade-level skills.

All Skill Areas

Our assessment suite address reading, writing, and mathematics across all elementary and middle school grade levels.

Individual Differences

Our benchmark assessments allow teachers to document how students differ from each other so they can organize teaching in an efficient manner.

Progress Monitoring

Our progress monitoring assessments allow teachers to make an individual difference with specialized instruction.

Reporting Outcomes

A variety of reports are readily available so teachers can communicate student performance and progress to their students, other teachers (and administrators), and parents.

Appropriate Use

Our suite of assessments is available for individual teachers to test out and use on occasion (Lite version for free), adopt for consistent use throughout the year (Deluxe version for a modest annual fee), or systemic implementation with other teachers (District version for subscription with Riverside Insight Publishing).